About Us

CSS Farms is a diversified producer of vegetable crops as well as row crops and small grains with operations across the US.


1986 – The Beginning

CSS Farms was formed in 1986 as a partnership in Watertown, SD among Milt Carter, Randy Spevak, and Brad Spevak. The Spevak and Carter families had been in the business of farming for several decades in northeast South Dakota. The first years were involved with raising process potatoes for Chef Reddy and a variety of small grains and row crop.

1987 – The Chip Business

The business rapidly grew and the first chip potatoes were raised and marketed with several customers including Frito Lay.

1990 – Potato Storages

CSS Farms constructed its first potato storage in Watertown, SD. Potatoes were contracted with Frito Lay out of this facility.

1993 – Nebraska

Operations began in Kearney, NE raising potatoes for the Frito Lay plant in Topeka, KS.

1995 & 1996 – Nebraska Expansion

CSS Farms started operations in Columbus, NE and constructed a potato storage facility in Kearney. The Kearney storage was expanded the next year to 800,000 cwts.

1997 - National Supplier of the Year

A 400,000 cwt storage facility was constructed in Columbus, NE. Bob Bender became a partner managing the Columbus facility. CSS Farms was awarded Frito Lay’s National Supplier of the Year.

1999 - Texas

CSS Potato Farms LLC began operations in West Texas growing and storing potatoes in Dalhart. CSS Farms was awarded Frito Lay Central Region Grower of the Year and National Supplier of the Year.

CSS Farms formed Sabanas with Tom Hanke and began a joint venture with Frito Lay in Venezuela. Sabanas is involved in farming projects in the US and internationally.

2000 & 2003 – Seed

CSS developed a base seed farm in Cody, NE with a state of the art storage facility and built a greenhouse facility in Colorado City, CO to accommodate nuclear seed and tissue culture. 

2003 – California

Operations were started in Bakersfield, CA. The California operation brings diversity growing a variety of vegetable crops including specialty potatoes, peppers, garlic, carrots, and onions.

2004More Storage

The size of the storage capacity in Dalhart was doubled. Also in 2004 the Dual Span Pivot was developed with Valmont Industries.

2008 – Diversification

A diversification into table potatoes in west Texas with Pro-Health of Dallas.

2010 - Specialty Potato Partnership

CSS Farms forms a partnership with RPE of Bancroft, Wisconsin and Pro-Health of Dallas, Texas to grow, pack, and market specialty potatoes.